What is Finasteride

Finasteride, also sold under the brand names Proscar, and Propeciea (Among Others), is a medication that is taken orally to treat hair loss in men. Finasteride works by blocking the 5-alpha reductase which convert Testosterone into DHT. Hence lowering the production of DHT by about 70%, this will aid in lowering DHT levels in the scalp which will prevent the hair follicles to be destroyed by the hormone. Finasteride has been proven to stop hair loss or at least slow down the process significantly, it is not a permanent solution however, meaning that it will only work as long as you continue to use it. Once finasteride is stopped, hair loss will start again within only a few weeks.

Since Finasteride lowers the production of DHT, and only works for hair loss with continuous use, it does not come without side effects, some of the side effects of Finasteride include, erectile dysfunction, lower libido, lower sex drive, and enlarged male breasts. Although in many cases the side effects are not immediate, but with continuous use it is bound to affect the male user in some way.