Hair loss is a serious issue over 60% of men struggle with. Since us men have our pride, we try not to talk about it and pretend that we don’t care! But in reality hair loss affects us, it affects our confidence, it affects our looks, and let us face it no man wants to walk around with bold patches on his head.

With most of our team members having suffered hair loss and understand the psychological affect, we turned to the only medication that is FDA approved and proven to stop hair loss, only to find out that the medication causes serious and unwanted side effects to men. We were left to discover that it will have to be a choice, keep your hair and suffer in your sex life, or lose your hair and still suffer in your sex life due to lack of hair. To us this was unacceptable, we refuse to accept that in the 21st century there is still no solution to hair loss. We exhausted every option, medication with side effects (Finasteride), rubbing minoxidil with little to no results, PRP therapy where a doctor injected our scalps with needles after needles enduring pain and expending money, only to realize that we were getting no-where. Even after a transplant which is supposed to be the final and best solution, you will still have to take Finasteride afterwards if you don’t want to lose your hair again.

Hair Loss

It only got worse

As we kept trying every option in hopes that humanity will evolve and a solution will drop on our laps, it only got worse! How? By finding out that there is such a thing as Post Finasteride Syndrome, which meant that the side effects can be permanent, and that even when we accepted our fate and were willing to live with some side effects, the story just got worse and it turned out that even the little dosages of finasteride that we were taking could cause serious and permanent damage to our lives!

So what did we do

We were fed up! We don’t want to be lied to anymore, we don’t want to throw our hard-earned money with no results, so we got to work and we were determined to find a solution. The idea of topical Finasteride was not new, as a matter of fact a publication was issued on September 11, 2011 by a pharmaceutical company, which talked about administering Finasteride through liposomes, which was the basis of our research and work. Our team was assembled and included liposomal experts with over 30 years’ experience. We manufactured the first few samples and began testing on ourselves. After a few trials we learned that it was not as simple, because with continuous daily use, the finasteride still found a way to penetrate the system and to some of our team members caused minor side effects. Although the side effects were a lot less severe and noticeable than taking finasteride orally, we were still determined to work on eliminating the side effects. With continuous research and consulting with scientists, we formulated a Liposomal base gel that administered finasteride topically, and which minimized the absorption of finasteride into the system. This required coming up with specifications on the type of liposome to be used, the size of liposome, as well as other molecules that where added to the liposome in order to help lock the finasteride in the scalp as much as possible.

We have been testing this formula and have been using it for some time now with no side effects, so we decided to help our fellow man benefit from this solution.

We have been providing the gel to many doctors and hair loss clinics, so they can add finasteride to the gel and provide to their patients.