Cause of Hair Loss

More than 50% of men suffer from hair loss, and all men are prone to lose some of their hair at one point in their lives, as a fact 4 out 5 men will have suffered some hair loss before they are 60! The severity of the hair loss will depend on your genetics and is said to be inherited, and can be blamed on your family tree.

So what is the cause? Sadly the same hormone that makes us men is the hormone that kills our hair follicles and this is dehydro-testosterone (DHT). This is why hair loss affects men a lot more than women and, in many cases, can start as early as their teenage years. So how does it happen? DHT is a derivative of the male hormone testosterone and is derived with the aid of an enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which transforms testosterone into DHT.

Why does DHT want to kill our hair follicles is still not clear, but it is clear that they are enemies, and it is the DHT that is required to be blocked from attacking the hair follicle. Here is the dilemma however, DHT is also responsible for many of your manly features and plays a significant role in a man’s sex drive! What a predicament, the same hormone that helps in your sex life, is the same hormone that affects your appearance and confidence as a man, we are truly being put to the test.

So what is the solution?

First of all in understanding what causes hair loss, you will realize that there are really very limited options that can actually work. What you also need to know is once a hair follicle is killed by DHT, there is nothing that can bring it back to life, and it is gone forever. So, all the advertisement you see in terms of growing more hair or getting your hair back is a complete SCAM! Sadly these are companies that are trying to feed on our desperation and bruised egos. They are just trying to steal our money. We have been victims of such advertisement ourselves, and we are trying to help other victims not fall for the scams.

So here are is the solution, do not wait until your hair is gone and hope that it will come back, your best option currently is to stop hair loss as soon as it starts and don’t wait till it is too late. The only current solution that is available now is finasteride, and is the only medication that actually works for stopping hair loss. Since Finasteride works all over the body in blocking the conversion of testosterone into DHT when taken orally, we focused on inhibiting the conversion of DHT in the Scalp only. This way you continue on with your normal life, not having to worry about side effects, or have to choose between keeping your hair or your sex life.