Topical finasteride Gel for Hair Loss

We are liposomal experts dedicated to help men in the USA, Canada and all over the world in battling hair loss, we have been consulted by many doctors and hair loss clinics around the world and helped them formulate the optimal solution to help men stop hair loss and avoid the side effects of medication.

How our Topical Finasteride was formulated

We are a team of scientists specialized in Liposomes, over the years we had been consulted by Doctors and Hair loss clinics to help them formulate a Liposomal gel that delivers finasteride to the scalp and eliminate the side effects that are associated with taking the Finasteride orally.

After years of research and different formulas we were able to come up with a gel which made it easy for Doctors to add finasteride and provide to their patients. The Topical finasteride and minoxidil gel solution has been used and tested by many patients with complete satisfaction and most importantly they have not experienced the side effects of finasteride.

We are known to advise Doctors against prescribing finasteride to their patients, but compounding topical finasteride instead by using our liposomal gel formulation. In other words, we supply them the gel and they add the finasteride making it an easy to use and effective topical solution to stop hair loss.

Here’s How We Do Our Job

  • We have a wide network of Doctors and pharmacists around the world
  • We review your application, and based on the severity of your hair loss, we will connect with a Doctor in your country
  • We compound the liposomal gel
  • We supply the gel and tools required to the doctor or pharmacist in order to mix the Finasteride with the solution
  • We ensure the gel gets delivered to you and we renew your supply as required.


To enable men to have access to a hair loss solution that works without having to endure side effects


Men have fretted over losing their hair since the beginning of time, and it is time to provide a solution


Help men avoid side effects
Ethical Conduct
Localize finasteride in the scalp
Provide free exchange of knowledge



I didn’t want to use finasteride anymore because of side effects and was nervous to try the topical version, but so far its been working great and no side effects!



Thank you guys for helping me find a solution for my hair loss, I couldn’t stand the thought of going bald.



I was worried to try oral finasteride because of all the scary stories I have read on the web. The topical solution really works, thanks to your team, you guys have been nothing but honest.


For those looking for a safe and effective way to stop their hair loss, we’ve got it covered. There are many of folks who experience this. It’s a universal problem, and we are here to offer people around the world a universal solution that will help stop hair loss without causing any harmful side effects.

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